Authentic Thai Food - PEI


Get to know our Food Truck and you will start to enjoy Authentic Thai Food even more…

Our customers know us as “Thai Pad PEI” We first started our food truck in 2014. You will find us at 68 Allen St, Charlottetown, PE on the property of Bible for Mission. We are open every year between May to early November. 

We cook to order with fresh homemade Thai chilly pastes and sauces. No “MSG” added in any of our foods. Dishes are prepared with Fresh Hand picked Veggies in Season when fully ripe. We also use the necessary herbs and spices from Thailand which makes all of our meals authentic as prepared in Thailand.

Our Philosophy

Thai Pad PEI

Our goal has always been to serve healthy food with care and kindness. We strive to give you the best experience with authentic Thai Dishes.

Island Grown Herbs & Veggies

Nothing Beats Fresh Food!

We also have a small garden and we always use fresh veggies which our customers really enjoy. All of our Gardens are grown Organically with No Pesticides. We grow broccoli, onion chives, zucchinis, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, leeks, kale, celery, basils, peppers and cabbages and more.

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